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Xinxiang Pingyuan Filter&Purification Co. Ltd. is owned by the China Aviation Industry Corporation 116 factory. Its address is 1 jiefangdadao Road,Xinxiang City,Henan Provice,China.As a leading company, we specialized in developing,producing and dealing fluid seperation&purifycation device. "Pingyuan" is the only named brand in the filtering&purifyting field in china.

In the filter field, it is one sole enterprise that specializes in R&D,production of filters for China Space Industry. It researched,developed and produced professional filers for Shenzhou spaceship series in order of priority. And it is one sole enterprise that production of filters for China Aviation Industry. It researched,developed and produced professional filters for China Military Aircrafts,naval ships and tank etc. Also it is the largest supplier in this line.It particularly has the saste-class Particle Test Center, with the capacity of measuring the cleanness of the filter medium and the oil system,and analyzing contamination in liquid,reliability and environment test of different filters, that provide reliable guarantee for developing new production. As one of the maker of filter&purifying standard,We have passed the strict army standard GJB/Z9001-96 and it is the first enterprise that was accredited by ISO9001 quality management system.

Sticking to the ideal that"costing personality,creating perfect product", we keeps to the developing concept "Studying,Innovation,Beyond,Cooperation",offer the best product and the most satisfied service.

Jiefangdadao rd.,Xinxiang city,Henan provice

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